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U.S. Slag Cement Shipments

The use of slag cement provides substantial environmental benefits by replacing a portion of portland cement in concrete and other construction applications. Slag cement – a product recovered from a blast furnace during iron production – substantially lowers the embodied energy and emissions in concrete and reduces the amount of virgin material needed to produce concrete. The 3.4 million metric tons of slag used in 2007 (slag as a separate product and slag used in blended cements) represents the following environmental benefits:

  • Avoided carbon dioxide emissions: 2.6 million metric tons (the equivalent carbon emissions produced by about 430,000 cars).
  • Avoided energy use: 13.0 trillion BTUs (the equivalent total energy used by 62,000 households).
  • Conservation of virgin materials: 4.5 million metric tons (the equivalent quantity of raw material needed to produce portland cement for almost 2,300 lane-miles of 8 inch concrete pavement).

*Blended cement containing slag cement includes ASTM C595, Types IS, IT(S<70), and IT(S≥70).





 More resources: Link to US Geological Survey Minerals Information for Iron and Steel Slag.


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