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 Aurora Hospital Medical Center News

The project contained 50,000cy of concrete that made up approximately 875,000cf and consisted of 5 stories of hospital, office space, and parking.  The project began in September 2007 and was completed in May 2008 with no slow downs or stoppages during the winter construction.  

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The primary use of the slag was for an increase in overall strength, improved durability, and improved pumpability.  The entire job was pumped, with continuous 500cy deck pours, it was recognized that slag cement would enable this design requirement to be accomplished much easier.  All of the concrete contained 565 lb/cy of total cementitious material was 20 percent Slag Cement.  

This project was a success with the entire structure being a bright aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly structure.  All of the concrete meet the required 4000 psi at 28 days specification and routinely concrete breaks were exceeding 4000 psi at 7 days where being reached which contributed to the project being able to be completed ahead of the very stringent schedule.   Originally the project was designed to seek LEED NC certification.  It was decided to forgo this accreditation; however, the Aurora Health Care facility will still reap many of the energy and environmental benefits of completing much of the design work in anticipation of obtaining the LEED NC certification.  This project was a very good example of how Slag Cement can be incorporated into winter concrete with the correct material design and placement techniques to create a very successful project that meets all of the scheduling requirements even through the winter months.