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 St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport News

Terminal Apron Hardstand Expansion

The airport expansion called for the rehabilitation of 16,000 cubic yards (yd3) of apron pavement. The scope of the project included removal of asphalt and PCC pavement sections in the vicinity of the airport gates 1-11 and associated baggage areas. The project was completed in five phases spanning nine months during the airport’s peak season. It is impressive to note that while each phase was constructed, the airport’s apron activities remained open for business. The project had 16,000 cubic yards of heavy-duty 650 flex concrete placed with slag cement included in the mix design.

The project met all strength gain goals and finished on time. Slag cement contributed to superior strength gain where time was critical to maintain airport operations without service outages. The lighter colored appearance of the concrete with slag cement created higher reflectivity which added to the visibility at the tarmac.

   Durability: Revive 275               Durability: Revive 275

(St. Pete - Clearwater International Airport, Clearwater, FL)

Project credits: St. Pete Clearwater Airport, Owner; AVCON, Inc. – Engineers and Planners, Engineer; GLF Construction Corporation, Contractor; Argos USA LLC, Concrete & Slag Cement